Prosecutor, fried fish and teryak

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balykIn a small town of Geokdepe a restaurant located approximately 50 kilometers from Ashgabat, which specialized in fish and seafood, has been demolished. Itwaspopularlyreferredtoasfriedfish”.

It was identified during the investigation initiated against the former Ashgabat prosecutor Movlamberdy Garaev, which is still underway, that Garaev was a frequent visitor in this restaurant accompanied by a female and allegedly used teryak there (a type of a drug— raw opium).

The restaurant owner was detained for three days in a pre-trial detention facility of the National Security Ministry. However, no charges were brought against him and he was released home. When he returned, he saw a waste land instead of the restaurant which was knocked down by a bulldozer. Neighbours and family members helped to rescue some of the belongings but the rest of the property disappeared. Witnesses say that it took a couple of hours to tear down the restaurant.

After Turkmenistan’s Prosecutor General Yaranmurat Yazmuradov was relieved from his post in late August, many employees of the Public Prosecutor’s office including the Ashgabat prosecutor were dismissed. Criminal charges were initiated against some of them.

It remains unknown whether M. Garaev took drugs or whether the investigation is trying to bring more criminal charges against him. However, teryak is again becoming very popular among wealthy Turkmen residents.

Many drug addicts use heroin, a doze of which costs from 1.5 to 2 dollars. Teryakismuchmoreexpensive.

Last Saturday, the President dismissed another Prosecutor, Khoshgeldi Khodjaniyazov, who worked in one of the etraps in the Dashoguz velayat for negligence when performing his job duties.

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