Turkmen Deputy Prime Minister is concerned about virginity issues

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Byagul Nurmyradova

Byagul Nurmyradova

Byagul Nurmyradova, who is known for introducing a new requirement, pursuant to which all females, regardless of ethnicity, are obliged to wear balaks – national Turkmen trousers, has made another weird move. As soon as high-ranking Turkmen authorities had initiated discussions about the need to develop youth policy, she came up with a proposal to persecute healthcare practitioners performing hymenorrhaphy (hymen reconstruction surgery) up to criminal responsibility for medical professionals.

Ms Nurmyradova was not precarious and, as we are informed, offered her arguments to the Turkmen president. Following her initiative healthcare practitioners carried out check-ups and identified that “not all female senior graders turned out to be virgins”.

According to Turkmen customs (and not only Turkmen), girls are supposed to come to their wedding as virgins. The ritual of checking bed linen after the wedding night still exists.

Medical doctors offer their assistance to young females, who lost their virginity before marriage. Even nowadays Hymen reconstruction surgery is performed illegally outside licensed healthcare facilities. Thissurgerycosts $400 andabove. In any women’s health clinics females can be referred to the place which they can contact with a “sensitive” issue.

For this reason, as viewed by the female official, Turkmen women behave improperly since they are aware that all sins can be corrected.

However, we are urged to ask B. Nurmyradova: Is it doctors who are to be blamed?

Healthcare practitioners are not held accountable that virginity has also become merchandise in the country where everything is sold and bought. There are fixed fees. Wealthy Turkmen residents pay $1500 to spend the night with a virgin.

The conduct Byagul Nurmyradova, Deputy Prime Minister overseeing culture (!), demonstrated by initiating medical check-ups among female senior graders, suggests that this lady lacks ethics and morals.

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2 Responses to Turkmen Deputy Prime Minister is concerned about virginity issues

  1. Peace

    First the TM government stopped smoking and drinking for female citizens and now they have started checking if girls are virgin or not?! Shocking. Instead why don’t TM government or that weird lady with her argument start teaching young generation about sex and consequences. Have health classes where they can educate young women about how to use condom! Men are allowed to do everything and women doesn’t have etiquette? Now I can understand why all people wanna run away from that place cause it seems like really not equal for men and women! For the record women doesn’t have to be always virgin that was in old days now not many people cares. She probably trying to turn it into old days!

  2. Mark wiilken

    i think that it is a wonderful thing that woman should stay virgins until they are married if that was like that in the united states there would be less problems with unwed mothers and children with no parents no abortions and i believe that it should be a law everywhere life would be great people could love each other for real and life would change for the good, now a days that is all one thinks about and that why society is the way it is but look were it got us now in a mess.
    Thanks For listining

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